Custom Development

Timebanks USA Drupal Demo

To create a more usable timebanking platform that is on the open source development track

Geek Gene is rebuilding the whole timebanks platform in Drupal for all timebanks associated with TimebanksUSA. Will be launching over 100 timebanks on this new Drupal platform.


Timebanks Action Hub

To develope a rich collaborative environment for TimeBanks around the world

Action Hub will be a platform for active Timebanks members and coordinators seeking to collaborate to build, develop, and organize timebanking efforts worldwide.



To create a superior task tracking system which is cross-platform, user-friendly and highly portable

Taskit is a simple yet effective way to task tasks and bugs including a search feature, simple ways to modify look and feel, and is highly customizable. Taskit is able to track internal points to be used for compensation for team members. This system is great because of its ease of use, simple UI and its well-thought out design. It has really improved task, bug tracking, project management.

Beta Launch

Open Distro

To create a more inclusive and custom Linux installation

Fueled of out frustration with current distributions of Linux, Mike Buland and David Braden have worked hard on creating this custom distribution which includes its own package manager among other things.

Partial Launch


An improved utility library to be used to develop in C++

After frustration with current C libraries we have created out own improved utility library. We use this library in all of our development projects and its available for others to use as well as its open source.


Source Tree Commons

To build the next generation platform for supporting open source software development

SourceTree Commons is the next generation platform for supporting open source software development, more than a code repository. They are building a community to support open source collaboration and here's just a bit of what makes us different:

* SourceTree is open source. They want geeks to do what they do best - build cool stuff. And they think the platform to support development should be open for improvement as well.



To improve and replace make with a more easy to use and effective tool

Build is a super-flexible, upgradable and easier to use replacement for make. We use this many times a day and are really happy to have created it. This is freely available for download below on its project page and we welcome further development on this project.



To create a new Object Oriented programming language

Nango is a complete Object Oriented programming language designed to be an extension language for other programs. A complete manual is in the works, but there is some initial documentation available by following the link below.


WCCR - Web Comic / Content Reader

Distribute webcomics to a wider audience


  • For the audience:
    • Mark individual comics, story arcs, whole comics or authors as favorites
    • Rate the comics you like or dislike
    • Suggested comics based on your ratings
    • New comics delivered automatically
  • For the creators:
    • You retain all rights to your works; publish print books, pdfs, etc. as you see fit.
    • Simple interface to add comics/news posts
    • By sharing media on the WCCR Distributed Backend, you will use less bandwidth on your website


Radical Concept Server

To build a high-speed, super flexible data engine for developing Flash applications
We built the data engine behind this high-speed, super flexible data engine for developing Flash applications. Allows Flash developers to create data objects on the fly and store them for highly-efficient retrieval using Flash's native data structures. Data retrieval via AMF (Actionscript Messaging Format) performs over 15 times faster than typical XML socket connections. Requires absolutely no database development on the server side - all objects are defined in Flash enabling rapid prototyping.
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