Advanced Drupal User Tutorial


This is where to find help with the advanced features of your site. If you have access to the administration menu across the top of your site, many of these steps can be completed in the fly-out menu above. To most easily use this tutorial, you should open a new browser (Firefox) tab or window. Keep this tutorial open in one window / tab and follow the steps in the other window / tab. Most browsers you may open a new tab by pressing Control-t and a new window by pressing Control-n. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

To add a user

To list users

  • Click User Management > List
  • Click on user's Name to view user record. On this screen you can sort by User Name, Status(i.e. Active), Role (i.e. Site Admin, not always used), Member For, or Last Access

To add subscription to an existing product

  • Go to Store Administration > Products > View Products
  • Select product you want and press the Edit button
  • Click on the Features tab
  • In the drop down, select Recurring Fee and press the Add button.
  • Using the drop down, select the SKU of the product you wish to add a subscription to, enter the subscription rate
  • When you would like the first payment for this item to be processed
  • How long the billing period will be (many places use 28 day cycles since that's the smallest number of days in a month)
  • how many months you will be charging this rate to the customer.
  • Press the Save button